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Bedside Motion Sensor and Pager

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Bedside Motion Sensor and Pager

This motion sensor, with an alert pager for the carer, will allow you to receive the alert and let you know that your patient is getting up or moving about.  

The pager and motion sensor can be up to 150 feet apart (45.72 meters)

When your patient starts to get out of bed or a chair, or if you prefer to know when they exit the room, they cross the motion sensor's field.  A signal is sent to the pager, which can be worn by the carer or placed on a counter or bedside table. 

When the pager receives the signal, you have your choice of hearing a chime or a brief tune. The motion sensor itself by the patient's bed or chair, is silent in their room.

This is a great way to monitor without disturbing everyone in the house or upsetting the patient

It is also possible, to mount the motion sensor at your patient's shoulder height (when the patient is sitting up in bed).  This will send the alert to the carer when the patient is lying down, and starts to sit up with the intention of getting out of bed. A great way to receive an early alert.  (This takes a little more time to set up in this manner, and you should have two people present to thoroughly test the system height and reaction field.)

Batteries included.

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