Coloured Soft Close Toilet Seat


Soft Close Toilet Seat

Designed with Dementia in mind, this seat is packed full of dementia-friendly properties and is suitable for even the heaviest use area's.

Trialled in airports and football grounds, the hinges have been tried and tested in the toughest environments to ensure they will withsatnd the rigours of daily use in hospitals and care homes.

The high contrast colours options of Red and Blue ensure the seat stands out against its surroundings to ensure everyone can see where the toilet is and use it confidently.

The smooth, seamless profile ensures there are no corners or sharp edges that can cause injury. Sta-tite fixings work brilliantly to secure the seat and ensure it never comes loose and the Easy-Lift hinges allow swift removal and replacement of the seat to facilitate thorough cleaning of all those -hard-to-reach area's that harbour germs under any other seat.

We dont think there is a better seat available anywhere with so many appropriate features built into one product.