Crib Mattress


Crib Mattress

The Dyna-Form crib mattress has been specifically designed for use with newborn children. Its high frequency welded cover provides an excellent barrier from fluid ingress The product can be made to measure in order to fit most crib & cot designs. Whilst using a special low odour foam, the application for use with infants makes this product particularly attractive to nursing staff. Dyna-Forms design quality comprises of a specialist high density CMHR foam surface, complete with a high frequency welded, multi-stretch, vapour permeable cover.

Suitable for high risk clients up to 44kg/7st

Great value for money

No turning required

High frequency, multi stretch vapour permeable welded cover impregnated with anti fungal agent

Non slip base

Fully replaceable parts

Fatigue class very Severe

Product weight 8kg

2 year warranty

Variable sizes available on request

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