Hygienic and Safe Warming System for Baby Feeding Bottles


Hygienic and Safe Warming System for Baby Feeding Bottles

A dry and sterile technique is essential when warming the baby bottles

If bottles are warmed in a bottle warmer with water or in a warm water bath, there is a risk of germ formation and transfer

Cross contamination can occur if damp hands are in contact with the surface of a bottle that has been warmed in water

The Beldico method uses a completely dry method, the warmer warms without circulating air or ventilators, therefore protecting sensitive babies from risk

The heating device is made of sturdy, non-corrosive aluminium and is equipped with an electronic temperature control

In this context there is no risk of burns due to overheating

With its homogeneous warming principle so called ‘hot spots’ (localised warm patches) cannot occur in the baby’s milk

By using this principle, blisters in the baby’s mouth are prevented and there is no detrimental effect on the quality of the baby’s milk with regard to vitamins or antibodies

The smooth surface of the inserts ensures very easy disinfection and cleaning

The inserts are dishwasher safe and are replaceable when the need arises

8 bottle capacity heaters will take from 1 to 8 bottles (for bottles which vary in size between 60ml, 120ml and 240ml)

2 bottle capacity heaters are available on request