Choices Communication Pack


 The Choices Communication Tool tackles the need to take into account the wishes and choices of those who have been taken into care or have to stay in a hospital. This reusable tool should be used at the admittance stage and should be incorporated into the overall care plan for the individual.

It can’t be taking for granted that family, friends or careers of an individual living with dementia knows what their likes and dislikes are. Our likes and dislikes change throughout life. Our experience has shown that someone living with dementia may revert back to the likes or dislikes they had earlier on in life which their partner, family, friend or carer may not know about.

Choices is an effective, easy-to-use communication tool that can be used to identify a client's own “Choices” for a selection of their daily activities. Clear life-like illustrations are used rather than child-like cartoons to provide and aid dignified answers. With a simple thumbs up image to represent ‘I Like’ and thumbs down to show ‘I Dislike’

Choices helps the client to identify;

What do I want to do today?
What do I want to wear today ?
What do I want to eat today?
This could include clients with dementia, strokes, brain acquired injuries to name a few.

Choices  gives you valuable evidence which allows you to write up a person centred care plan which will identify the clients own choice. Once the choices are made a photograph should be taken and added to the individuals records so can easily be referred to.

The Clairmont Choices pack includes: Reusable name cards, 1x I like/I Dislike to eat set of cards, 1x I like/I dislike to wear set on cards, 1x I like/I dislike to do set of cards. Instruction manual, demonstration DVD set in a Care Home, demonstrated by Care Staff and resident, Non slip matt, Dry wipe pens.


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