Invacare Bariatric SB 755 Bed

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Invacare Bariatric SB 755 Bed

The Invacare SB 755 is a flawless bed with amazing functions that meet the user's needs based on individual choices

Comfort, safety, ease of handling, amongst others are some of the excellent features incorporated in this bed – thus, making it an excellent fit for all homes and environments

The Invacare Bariatric SB 755 Bed offers the best comfort with an ideal seating position to minimise shear and friction

Depending on individual client requirements, carers can simply adjust the bed to meet clients’ needs

The bed also has a unique technical feature that can be adapted to suit taller clients – this is done by extending the head and the foot end of the bed

Key Features

  • The Invacare SB 755 is quite easy to handle: It comes with options that allow you to choose a bed that is adapted specially to withstand washing machine cleaning; this makes the bed easier to maintain. Mounting and dismantling is stress-free, this further makes transporting and storage of the bed smooth
  • No part of the bed weighs more than 25 kg so it can be carried out quickly and with minimum effort by one person
  • Safety: Safety is highly considered in SB 755. The standard bed length and the extendable version meet the strength demands of the IEC 60601- 2-52 safety standard for beds (without compromising the ergonomics or working conditions of the carer)
  • Comfort: It is equipped with numerous outstanding features such as auto-regression system, an optimised length of mattress platform sections and a leg section that can be lowered below horizontal. These features guarantee excellent seating position and also reduce shear and friction during movement
  • Easy to store and transport: The bed doesn’t require much space for storage; it fits perfectly in minimal space. The parts mattress and accessories can be stored directly on the base using special hooks – this makes the storage and transporting process easier
  • Olivia bed end: It can be used in combination with a wooden front panel
  • Victoria bed end: It has a detachable panel – available in beech, cherry, light oak and white beech
  • Lifting pole: This makes the handle adjustable – both in height and depth
  • Weight limit: 31 stone
  • Warranty: 3 years

Technical Data


Std - Outside: 950/100 mm; Inside: 850/900 mm Wide 1 - Outside: 1150 mm Inside: 1050 mm Wide 2 - Outside: 1300 mm Inside: 1200 mm


Total height: 1600 - 2070 mm


Outside: 2130 mm Inside: 2080 mm Mattress: 2000mm

Height Adjustment

350 - 820 mm

Mattress Support Dimensions

800 - 260 - 260 - 680 mm

Ground Clearance

150 mm

Backrest Angle

0 - 73°

Thigh Angle

0 - 28°

Legrest Lift

0 - 18°

Min. Angle Below Horizontal

0 - 16°

Angle Adjustment / Angle Below/ Above Frame

Below: 25° Above: 14°

Max. User Weight

SWL 235 kg 200 kg

Total Weight

91 kg / 110kg / 120kg

The Heaviest Part

25 kg / 41kg / 45kg

Washable in Washing Machine

SWL 235 kg 200 kg

Frame Colour and Wood Work

Aluminium grey, Beech, Light oak, White beech, Cherry

Side Rails Models

Britt V, Line, Scala 2, Verso II, Torill side rails

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