Life Story Book

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Life Story Book

My Life Story Book for older people with dementia is easy to compile, with space for photographs and personal memories - tips for use included

Our easy to complete workbook, makes a great shared reminiscence activity

Information can be gathered slowly over a period of time and noted down in the life history book. Photos or pictures can be added where appropriate.

Helps to engage family, friends, activity coordinators and carers with the person and their life, both past and present

Serves as a valuable contribution to care planning by focusing on the individual's needs, preferences, history and life style

An ideal way for carers, managers, support staff and volunteers to make a genuine connection with their residents

Provides people with dementia an improved sense of identity and self worth

Key Features

  • Book headings provide a guide for conversation prompts and include: My Precious Memories, My Hobbies and Interests, Favourite Pastimes, Special People, Faith, Significant Dates and many more
  • We have included a page of useful guidance notes to assist staff in providing more relevant activities for the individual
  • Size: A4
  • Over 20 pages printed in black and white
  • Pages are laid out with lines for writing and space for photographs

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