Mercury Advance Trolley Mattress


Mercury Advance Trolley Mattress

The Dyna-Form Mercury Advance Trolley Mattress has been designed especially for users considered to be that of high/very high risk of pressure ulcer development in potentially lengthy A&E waiting environments. Offering high levels of patient comfort, this system has the facility to “step up” to that of a dynamic mattress when clinically required. Similarly, the mattress function can be downgraded as the patient’s condition improves.

This product can be made to measure in order to suit most trolley designs. Suitable for high/very high risk clients up to 254kg/40st

Clinically proven

Combined foam and dynamic technology. All component parts are interchangeable and replaceable. Frequency welded multi stretch vapour permeable cover

2 in 1 mattress capability

Pressure Selection and Static Mode

10 minute cycle time. Led & audible alarm. Cell structure secured to the foam mattress core, preventing unwanted movement. Fixed head section. Ring pull zip design.

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