Obi Robotic Feeding Device

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Obi Robotic Feeding Device

Obi is intended for those living with a disability or disease affecting their upper extremities

This equipment is intended to increase the user's independence and confidence by providing choice among four compartments of food 

Designed for intermittent use of up to one hour per meal, it is a machine intended for individuals who cannot feed themselves

Obi's functionality mimics a human arm during eating and accommodates a spectrum of people who have difficulty feeding themselves

Please ensure the potential users possess the ability to safely and successfully operate Obi as well as the ability to chew and swallow without assistance

Key Features

  • Suitable for any gender
  • Suitable for ages 5 and above
  • Builds cognitive capability to operate a simple machine
  • Supports user's ability to make decisions about food selection and consumption
  • User needs to be able to chew and swallow

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