Patience Cards (Dementia Specific)


Patience Cards (Dementia Specific)

From experience we know using The Patience Card greatly improves the outcome of any social occasion by avoiding the potential stresses of awkward moments. 

What is The Patience Card for? 

It is designed to be used in any social situation where interaction with strangers is likely to take place. Such interactions can lead to awkwardness and embarrassment, for example when a waiter/waitress isn't as patient as we would hope. These interactions are always two-way and if they go wrong can spoil what should be a pleasant excursion.

How does The Patience Card work?

It provides a polite and dignified way to acknowledge that someone has dementia and explains why they may be hesitant in answering questions or perhaps ask the same question more than once. 

What if the recipient doesn't know what Dementia is? 

It is easy to overlook that many people have no idea what Dementia is - as recommended to us by our regional DAA the reverse of the card carries a succinct definition of Dementia.

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