Pelvic Exerciser


Pelvic Exerciser

The Pelvexiser is useful for women who suffer from Urinary stress incontinence, Urge incontinence or Mixed incontinence

Moreover, pelvic floor exercises and strength are beneficial before a delivery and Post-partum (after a delivery).

The Pelvexiser  is useful for men who suffer from urinary incontinence after a radical or partial prostatectomy

Keep your pelvic floor muscle in shape. The best way to do this is to exercise with the only patented pelvic floor training device with biofeedback, adjustable resistance settings which is medically tested.

The Pelvexiser provides the most effective urinary incontinence therapy currently on the market

No need for electrical stimulation

No wires or cables

Flexible sensor

The Pelvexiser is the only affordable pelvic floor trainer with a smooth sensor which can be adjusted via a manual pump to fit individual needs of each woman or man.

Isolates the pelvic floor

The sensor isolates the correct muscles within the pelvic floor and is made of soft solid silicone. This guarantees comfortable and safe training.

Adjustable resistance levels>

The manual pump allows progressive muscle build-up by increasing the resistance in the sensor. The Pelvexiser is small and light.

Small, user friendly device:

The small size and the minimal weight enables women to have the device with them always and everywhere.

Low price:

The extremely attractive price enables effective pelvic floor training for all women without having to spend significant amounts of money.


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