Post Office Wall Mural


Post Office Wall Mural

Murals are becoming ever more popular for making meaningful changes within a care home or hospital setting. Effecting significant changes to an environment isn't easy, so we've put a lot of our time and effort into creating options that make significant environmental improvements a much simpler process.

Our Out-of-the-Box murals are printed onto a heavy duty wallpaper and supplied at standard wallpaper widths of 533mm / 21 inches so any decorator can quickly and reliably install them.

Our thoughtful designs have been created to avoid false expectations - we purposely avoid windows through which items might be seen that aren't real or attainable - this only leads to frustration and disappointment So our windows have a semi-opaque effect to avoid this. We then advise the addition of related products such as shelving, a market barrow or tables and chairs for example, so the mural is setting the scene for a real, interactive experience.

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