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Sangenic Easiseal Refill

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Sangenic Easiseal Refill - Single

Sangenic Easiseal bin refill cassette is designed to be used with the Sangenic Easiseal (Standard and Maxi) bins for quick, easy nappy disposal that is germ free and odourless

The cassette hygienically wraps, twists and seals away used products such as continence pads and pants.

Simple and effective without odours or fuss

Used items are pushed through the neck of the tub and with a simple twist, each item is individually wrapped in fragranced, antibacterial film, so germs and odours are kept at bay, helping to maintain a more pleasant environment for all

Key Features

  • The cassettes contain film with antibacterial barrier and fresh citrus fragrance
  • Each refill cassette provides 25 metres worth of bin bag for effective and hygenic disposal

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