Medium Universal Microbead Cushion

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Medium Universal Microbead Cushion

ASKLE SANTE positioning accessories allow the simple and rapid set up of different positions

Reduces the pressure exerted on the skin and tissues at risk of pressure ulcers

Pressure ulcer prevention for ankles, knees and heels

The T2 Universal cushion is suitable for all care situations (to be used alone or with other positioning cushions)

    Key Features

    • Suitable for use as a pillow which is compliant with prevention of cross-infection rise
    • Easy to install and positioning by carers
    • Compact for easy storage
    • Ultrasonically welded cover to prevent the penetration of liquids
    • Silver Ag+ IONS – Sanitized Silver fighting the development of micro-organisms
    • PU-Polycarbonate Coated Polyamide fabric for improved performance and durability
    • Oeko-Tex class 2 certified for direct contact with skin
    • Self-extinguishing expanded Polystyrene microbeads for improved safety
    • Vacuum Touch™ concept for a stable distribution of the microbeads within their covers

    Dimensions:  56cm x 40cm

    Weight: 580g

    Cleaning instructions:

    Avoid using scouring or abrasive products as well as solvents and sharp objects in direct contact with the cover

    Visually check that the cushions are in good condition regularly. Should you detect a change in the visual appearance or primary welding, the product should be withdrawn and disposed of

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