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Tovertafel Product Detail

The Tovertafel is designed to create a more caring and inclusive world for people with cognitive challenges. Tover is an award winning care innovation, creating memorable moments and improving quality of life and care. Tover is an award winning technological care innovation, creating memorable moments and improving quality of life and care. It is easy to use on any surface and has been proven to be effective for people with cognitive challenges.

The Tovertafel is an innovative piece of technology which can be used in nursing homes & schools The Tovertafel is a fantastic piece of technology for people with cognitive challenges

How is this achieved?
  • Through stimulating social interaction and movement cognitive exercise with serious games.
  • These games have a proven track record of positively influencing quality of life. That’s what we call ‘purposeful play’.
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Take a look at the videos below, to see how the Tovertafel works.

Learn more about Tovertafel at Homecare Medical here. The Tovertafel is a revolutionary price of equipment, which brings smiles to the faces of people with cognitive challenges and their care staff.

The Tovertafel interactive game is great for people with cogitative disabilities The Tovertafel being used on a table is an award winning care innovation, creating memorable moments and improving quality of life

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