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Incontinence is more common than you may think. Bladder and bowel problems affect millions of people worldwide; men and women, young and old alike. Yet, despite being so common, many people continue to needlessly suffer in silence, failing to get the help they need.

Take a look through our the full range of incontinence products available at Homecare Medical here.

What Is Incontinence?

There are two types of incontinence:

  • Urinary incontinence - when someone loses control of their bladder.
  • Faecal (or Bowel) incontinence - when someone loses control of their bowels.

This may happen all or most of the time or may just be a case of the occasional unfortunate leakage. Urinary incontinence is far more common than faecal incontinence – although both conditions affect millions of people every day.

For those people who cannot be fully cured or those who may just need some extra help whilst waiting for treatment, there are a range of special products and devices to help manage symptoms. The most common way of managing continence is by using Continence Pads and you’ll find a wide selection of these in our stores or on this website in the Continence Care section.

Incontinence products available at Homecare Medical

  • Female Continence: Homecare Medical have a wide variety of incontinence wear for women. We have everything from pads to pullups (Shop Female Continence Here).
  • Male Continence: Similar to our female incontinence range, we have a wide variety of incontinence wear for men, everything from pads to pullups (Shop Male Continence Here).
  • Disposable Continence: Homecare Medical have a selection of anatomically shaped pads, offering an ideal solution for managing moderate to heavy incontinence in mobile or semi mobile patients, as part of our disposable continence range (Shop Disposable Continence Here).
  • Reusable Continence: Our reusable continence wear range is comfortable and washable. The range includes bed pads, shorts, briefs and body stockings (Shop Reusable Continence Here). 
  • Underwear: The range of continence underwear available at Homecare Medical are comfortable, discrete, and come in sizes for men, women and children (Shop Continence Underwear Here).
  • Incontinence Swimwear: The incontinence swimwear available at Homecare Medical is suitable for children, men, women and those with special requirements (Shop Incontinence Swimwear Here).
  • Children's Products: As well as offering adult continence wear, Homecare Medical also offer a range of nappies for babies and children (Shop Children's product Here). Our bed pads can also be used as a toilet training sleep mat for kids.
  • Continence Accessories: Homecare Medical have a selection of accessories to assist around the home, to help with personal hygiene, or to help with infection control (Shop Continence Accessories Here).


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