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Bremed Nebuliser

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Bremed Nebuliser - BD 5001

This compact Piston compressor nebuliser helps the user to reduce the thickness of phlegm, so it's easier to cough it out and is also used to deliver physician prescribed medication to the bronchial lung passages. Featuring an oil-less and maintenance-free piston pump. With proper care and use such as avoid dropping it, storing it correctly is a suitable place and keeping clean, it will provide you with many years of reliable treatment.

The Bremed Nebuliser accessories is supplied complete with nebuliser cup, mouthpiece, adult mask, PVC tube, paediatric mask and nasal fork.

Key Features

  • Power Feeding: 230V-50Hz – other configurations on request.
  • Power consumption: 55W.
  • Max pressure: 2.2 bar / 32.0 psi / 220 kPa.
  • Operating Pressure: 1 bar /14.5 psi / 100 kPa.
  • Max Air Flow: 9.0 l/min.
  • Operating Air Flow: 7.0 l/min.
  • Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter (MMAD) according to EN-13544-1: 2.44 μm.
  • Noise Level (EN 13544-1 Standard) Approx: 58 dBA.
After ensuring that the appliance and all the accessories are completely clean, please follow this step-by-step routine:

  • Place the appliance on a level and secure surface (eg. a table top) with easy access to an electrical socket.
  • Check that the filter is regularly placed into the air filter compartment (2).
  • Unwind the power supply cord and plug in.
  • Take the flexible tubing and attach one end to the appliance's air outlet (3) and the other end to the bottom of the atomizer (4).
  • Unscrew the top section of the atomizer.
  • Put the medication to be nebulized into the medicine cup, measuring it according to the scale marked on the side of the medicine cup, and following the doctor prescriptions.
  • Please check that the 'Baffle' is correctly placed into the medicine cup.
  • Replace the top section of the medicine cup, and close it.
  • According to the type of treatment you wish to carry out and the method you choose, attach either the face mask or the mouthpiece to the top section of the atomizer.
  • Your appliance is now ready for use.

At the end of each treatment:

  • Turn off the appliance by pressing its switch to position 0.
  • Unplug the appliance from the power socket.
  • Wind up the power supply cord.
  • Detach all the accessories and clean them as indicated in the following paragraph.

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