Sparking Joy

Through Tovertafel

Enhancing Life Through 
Cognitive Play

Tovertafel is transforming care with innovative games designed to enhance the daily experiences of individuals with cognitive challenges.

These games not only offer fun and engagement but also support significant improvements in quality of life for both participants and their caregivers.

Interactive Light Projections

Captivate and engage with games that respond to the smallest movements, enhancing motor skills and cognitive function.

Customized Games

From stimulating the senses with colourful visuals and sounds to encouraging physical activity, our games cater to specific needs, providing tailored support for users.

Who Benefits from Tovertafel?

Seniors with dementia

Enhance the well-being of seniors with dementia through Tovertafel's interactive games. Designed for individual or group play, these games effectively stimulate physical, cognitive, social, and sensory engagement, promoting movement, interaction, and joy.

Adults with intellectual difficulties

Tailored to meet diverse needs, Tovertafel's games offer a supportive environment where adults with intellectual disabilities can engage without the fear of making mistakes. Each session is an opportunity for personal growth and building confidence, enhancing daily life one game at a time.

Children with special needs

Tover emphasizes the power of play in education and development. For children with special needs, engaging in Tovertafel’s playful activities not only enhances social-emotional learning and focus but also supports teachers in creating an inclusive classroom environment where every child can thrive.


Sparking Joy

Through Tovertafel

How Tovertafel Enhances Lives


Boost alertness and focus while enhancing memory and problem-solving skills.


Promote fine motor skills and general physical activity through fun, interactive games.


Encourage social interaction, enhancing emotional connections among users and caregivers.


Stimulate senses in a relaxed, enjoyable way, helping to reduce anxiety and improve overall mood.

Featured Games


A multi sensory delight enhancing colour and sound recognition.

Sheet Music

Foster joy and movement with musical notes that play familiar tunes.

Mole Hunt

Encourage faster and further arm movements in a fun, nostalgic game.

Siobhan MurphySenior Caregiver at Dublin Health Care Center

Tovertafel has been a game-changer in our care sessions, sparking joy and improving engagement for my patients. It’s heartening to see such a positive shift in their mood and interaction.

Transforming Lives

Whether enhancing cognitive abilities, fostering social connections, or simply bringing joy, Tovertafel is here to make a positive impact.

Have questions or interested in seeing Tovertafel in action? Click 'Book Demo' below to request a free demonstration from the Homecare Medical team.

Stimulate the Senses

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Enhance Movement, Enhance Life

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