AMD Disposable Bed Pad Extra


AMD Disposable incontinence bed pads offer superior protection against leakage with a highly absorbent core.

AMD PAD is a full range of disposable under sheets to protect bedding and armchairs.

Its hypoallergenic, soft, and covered with an impermeable layer, it is suitable for bedridden incontinence sufferers or those confined to an armchair.

The AMD Pad range offer extra security and incontinence protection for furniture such as chairs or beds and the incontinence bed pads can be used on top of or below bed sheets.

Topsheet: The absorbent part of the draw sheet is white. It has an ultra absorbent 'Fluff' cushion made of defibrated cellulose, ensuring extraordinary absorption and retention, much better than products with only cotton wadding. This part is 100% micro-aerated to let the skin breathe correctly.

Bottom backsheet: The other side is in contact with the bed, covered with a thin blue plastic waterproof membrane that protects the mattress from urine leakage.

Key Features

  • Disposable single-use sheets are ideal to protect from urine leaks.
  • Its Fluff pulp absorbing core ensures an excellent bed protection.
  • Class leading absorption.
  • Waterproof backing.
  • The user stays dry and any odours are neutralised.
  • This bed protection pad has a gentle non-woven cover for the skin's comfort.
  • Also suitable for protection in connection with other procedures such as pad changes or for blood test sampling.
  • Strong-core technology - eliminates bulking/slipping of core when wet.
  • 4Packs of 30 pads.
  • Size: 60 x 60cm.
  • Absorbency: 1850ml.
  • Also suitable to be used as a toilet training sleep mat for kids.
  • Make a great mattress protector.
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