AMD Slip Maxi Plus


AMD Slip Maxi Plus is a non-woven all-in-one brief, made for men and women who experience severe urinary and faecal incontinence.

These incontinence pads are easy to use and fit, with re-adjustable sealing strips.

The combination of velcro and sealing strips ensure the diaper is fixed in place, even if readjusted time and again.

Key Features

  • The ultra absorbent properties prevent odours and keep the pH neutral.
  • The wetness indicator shows when it's time to change the diaper.
  • Integrated anti-leak cuffs ensuring a perfect leakage protection.
  • Endowed with 4 reusable tapes for a close fit.
  • Large: Hip Size from 100 to 160cm.
  • 20 pieces per pack.
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Customer Reviews

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John Lowry
AMD Slip Maxi plus Adult Nappy

As someone who experiences severe urinary and faecal incontinence, finding a reliable and comfortable adult nappy is crucial. The AMD Slip Maxi plus has proven to be an outstanding choice, offering exceptional absorbency and total security. This all-in-one adult nappy is designed to meet the highest standards of incontinence care, providing peace of mind and comfort throughout the day and night.
The AMD Slip Maxi plus boasts high absorbency, making it suitable for both urinary and faecal incontinence. The advanced core technology quickly wicks away moisture, keeping the skin dry and preventing irritation. This feature is particularly important for maintaining skin health and preventing issues like rashes and sores. The high absorbency also means fewer changes are needed, adding to the convenience and practicality of this product.
One of the standout features for me is its high-waist fit. This design ensures the nappy stays securely in place, providing a snug yet comfortable fit. The adjustable tabs allow for a personalized fit, accommodating different body shapes and sizes. The soft, breathable materials used in the nappy's construction contribute to its overall comfort, reducing the risk of chafing and discomfort during extended wear.
Despite its high absorbency, the AMD Slip Maxi remains discreet under clothing. The thin yet effective design ensures that the nappy is not noticeable, allowing you to go about your daily activities with confidence. The strong elastic leg cuffs provide additional leak protection, ensuring that no matter how active you are, you can trust the AMD Slip Maxi to keep you dry and secure. I also use a booster pad inside the nappy and plastic pants over it for extra protection. That what works for me.
I have to commend Homecare Medical Supplies for their exceptional service. They consistently go above and beyond to meet their customers' needs. Their knowledgeable and compassionate staff are always ready to assist, ensuring you receive the best possible care and advice. Whether it's timely deliveries, answering queries, or providing product recommendations, Homecare Medical Supplies never fails to impress. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is evident, making them a trusted partner in managing incontinence.

The AMD Slip Maxi all-in-one adult nappy is a top-tier product that excels in absorbency, fit, and comfort. It offers the security and reliability needed for those experiencing severe incontinence, or for convenience allowing you to live your life with confidence and dignity. Thank you to the great people at Homecare Medical Supplies for their unwavering support and commitment to excellence.

John lowry