iD Adult Pullup Pants Plus

SKU: PANTS ID XS PLUS 5531065141-01

iD fully elasticated Pull Up Pants offer an ideal solution for managing moderate to heavy urinary incontinence.

These pants can be worn and taken off like regular underwear, which make them very easy to use.

They combine comfort and discretion, due to their elasticated waist and cotton feel back sheet.

Key Features

  • Each pack contains 14 pants.
  • Elastic waist for easy use.
  • Can be worn like regular underwear.
  • Offer comfort and discretion.
  • It is a unisex product.

Please note product is being rebranded so package received may appear different to above but product remains the same.

Size Waist
XSmall 50 - 70 cm
Small 60 - 90 cm
Medium 80 - 120 cm
Large 100 - 145 cm
XLarge 130 - 170 cm
€17.00 Inc VAT
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Customer Reviews

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Ann Cleary
Id adult pull ups

They are great, no problem using them n it's a relief for my mam as she is not worrying about accidents as much with them on her at night.