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Sunday 1st November 2020

Their Story

In a world where healthcare providers are preoccupied with obesity, there is little focus on those people who are losing or struggling to maintain a healthy weight.
Anyone that works in the care sector will know that malnutrition affecting the senior population is an ever-growing concern. However, the problem is bigger than that and it is not just confined to a certain demographic or sector. It can have an impact on the lives of anyone.

Nuvu Life's story is simple; their shared experiences have taught them that there are not enough products for people to turn to if they or a loved one needs to gain or maintain weight. Their aim is to create functional, nutrient-rich products specifically for people who battle to keep weight on.

  • It may be that you or someone you know are worried about an elderly relative who seems to eat well but is still losing weight.
  • It could be that you or someone you know is suffering or recovering from an illness and requires extra sustenance.
  • It might be that you or someone you know suffers from dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) and getting the nourishment required is proving difficult.
These are just three scenarios that we know all too well, and they serve as the motivation behind the brand. NuVu Life’s mission is to offer a range of appetising high-quality products that are nutrient focused and tailored to help people. If they can impact people’s lives for the better, then their main objective is complete.

A New View on Nutrition…

  • NuVu Life provides you with a new view on nutrition.
  • As you age many things change including your nutritional requirements.
  • A new view is needed to ensure that these requirements are met.
  • Their formulations combine industry-led expertise with a passion for high-quality ingredients.
The NuVu life shakes are a perfect way to get nutrition and protein The NuVu life shakes are a perfect way to get nutrition and protein 

Nutritional information and benefits of NuVu

High in Protein

  • Made from sources of high quality, natural protein.
  • Dependent on flavour, there is up to 22g of protein per 50g sachet. 
  • When mixed with 200ml of whole milk (as recommended) one of our nutrition shakes will provide between 23.8- 28.8g of protein.  
  • Protein is essential for maintaining muscle mass and aiding weight gain.


  • When mixed with 200ml of whole milk (as recommended) one shake will provide approx. 364 kcal.
  • Calories are essential for weight gain and drinking nutrition shakes between meals is an excellent way to boost intake.

Low Sugar

  • There is less than 5g of sugar in each 50g sachet, making it suitable for many people who suffer from Diabetes.
  • Please note, this is dependent on the individual’s Diabetic status and you should seek advice from a health professional if you are unsure. 

High in Vitamins

  • One 50g sachet will provide you with 100% recommended intake of vitamins A, D3, K1, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. 

High in Minerals

  • One 50g sachet will provide you with 100% recommended intake of minerals: selenium, magnesium, zinc and iron. 


  • Their nutrition shakes taste great When mixed with cold milk they are refreshingly thick and creamy. Alternatively, many customers heat up their chocolate shakes to make a lovely hot chocolate.
Take a look at the full NuVu Life range in-store or online at Homecare Medical.

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