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Tovertafel - The Power of Purposeful Play

Homecare Medical are the exclusive Irish partner and distributor of the Tovertafel, an award-winning serious games system designed to create a more caring and inclusive world for people with cognitive challenges. Tovertafel means ‘Magic Table’ in Dutch, and magic is exactly what this technology brings to its players and was created by Tover.


If you have any questions, please contact the Homecare Medical team by clicking the Enquire Now button to Request a free demo:

How does the Tovertafel work?

The Tovertafel’s innovative light projections challenge players to develop or maintain their skills in a fun and playful way. Whether in senior care, services for intellectual disabilities, or special education settings the Tovertafel provides care that is designed to create meaningful connections through the power of purposeful play.

Who can use the Tovertafel?

Playing serious games is an incredible way to promote happiness and engagement in caregiving, and enable children in special education to achieve social-emotional learning. The Tovertafel offers tailor-made solutions for seniors living with dementia, adults with intellectual disabilities, and children in special education. It is ideal for nursing homes, schools, libraries and other such environments.

Seniors with dementia

Together, we can improve the well-being of elderly people living with dementia. The Tovertafel’s interactive games are specifically designed for seniors living with dementia and can be played individually or in a larger group. They are proven to be effective at physical, cognitive, social, and sensory levels. Stimulating movement, social interaction, and moments of happiness. Find out more information on how the Tovertafel can help people with Dementia here.

Adults with intellectual difficulties

The Tovertafel’s interactive games make playing together possible for all adults with intellectual disabilities. They are designed to challenge each player at their own level, whether that be simple, or more challenging. The games help their development and increase their self-confidence because mistakes can’t be made! Amazing adults with intellectual disabilities day after day. Find out how the Tovertafel can help people with intellectual difficulties here.

Children with special needs

At Tover, they are serious about play. Whether it's stimulating social-emotional learning or increasing alertness and focus, play is the ultimate solution for children with special needs. The Tovertafel helps teachers in special education to promote an inclusive classroom in which everyone can participate. That's the genius of play! Find out more details on benefits Tovertafel has for children with special needs here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Homecare Medical team by clicking the Enquire Now button to Request a free demo:

Meet our Tovertafel Product Specialist

Fergal Kelly | Product Specialist

Fergal is valued Homecare Medical team member with a proven track record in specialty product sales. Fergal has established relationships with Nursing Home and HSE Community Care Organisation area customers throughout the country. Fergal has an in-depth knowledge and experience when it comes to the Tovertafel, which allows him to demonstrate and outline all its primary benefits and features.

You can read our latest Tovertafel Sensory Technology article, which was published in the Irish Independent Senior Health Supplement here.

If you have any questions, please contact the Homecare Medical team by clicking the Enquire Now button above or by calling 0818 911 001.

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