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Lifevac Airway Clearing Device (Wall Mounted Kit)

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Lifevac Airway Clearing Device (Wall Mounted Kit)

LifeVac is a non-invasive, portable airway clearance device; used by those with Dysphagia. Generates over 326mm Hg of suction, safely and effectively dislodging the obstruction. Can be used for full and partial obstructions.
This Lifevac product comes with a wall mounting hook to keep the box in eating areas or other areas where choking is high risk.
Each Lifevac mask comes with coloured dots to easily identify which mask suits the casualty as unfortunately one size mask will not fit everyone.

  • Interchangeable sized masks, identified by colour coded rings.
  • No risk of pushing the tongue or obstruction back in a panic situation.
  • No risk of oral damage. 
  • LifeVac is FDA registered, MHRA registered as a class one medical device and CE accredited.
  • Can be applied if someone is standing, sitting or laying down.

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