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If you are looking for some of the latest retail products and information available at Homecare Medical, you can take a look in our online catalogues, which will give you a fantastic overview of our offerings. These catalogues include the Homecare Medical Product Catalogue, the Memory Corner Catalogue, Specialist Seating as well as Continence wear. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and one of our team will be able to assist you.

The brand new Homecare Medical Product catalogue showcases our wide range of products and services, which we supply through our stores, online web shop, staff and sales team.

Take a look at the catalogue below to find out more.

Introducing a new range of B.Well products for the whole family now available from Homecare Medical. B.Well shares people's desire to care for their loved ones, and has developed a wide range of medical devices meeting the needs of every member of the family. Take a closer look at what we have to offer below.

Homecare Medical have a wide range of laundry and bedding products to suit our customers needs. Our philosophy is built on the principle of helping you care. We deliver exceptional service and value every day through our knowledgeable and friendly staff. We always aim to provide the best solutions for our customer’s needs, whatever they may be. Whether it’s our products, services or simply our advice, our customers come to us because they know we will do the right thing for them.

If you require more information, please feel free to contact us online or visit one of our stores nationwide.

Having proper seating is very important, and Homecare Medical have Recliners, Chairs and pressure care products in our Specialist Seating catalogue. When sitting upright people require their muscles to work against gravity to hold the correct posture. As we grow older, our muscles become weaker and fatigue much more quickly, which can result in leaning to one side, leaning forward, or slouching down when seated.

Take a look at our Specialist Seating catalogue below, which outlines the benefits of different seating and the products that Homecare Medical offer.

Incontinence can be a very upsetting condition for both those suffering with the condition as well as the people around them. It's very important to understand that incontinence can occur for a variety of reasons and that there are a number of physical problems which directly affect the bladder and how it functions. The Homecare Medical Continence Management catalogue outlines what incontinence is and offers guidance when dealing with the condition.

Take a look at our Continence catalogue below to find out more.

Since it’s launch in 1999 and following years of extensive research, the DAZA Range has developed into a versatile and adaptable product for speedy alert for fall prevention.

Specified in Hospital, Nursing Home and domestic patient care environments, DAZA performance and reliablity make it the clear, clinical professional’s choice. The flexibility of the range means it can provide a number of safeguards within your patient care plan maximising patient and carer safety.

The REBOTEC range an extensive range of premium quality equipment is now available in Ireland from Homecare Medical. With models to suit paediatric, adult and bariatric sizing the versatile REBOTEC range suits a broad range of care environments and disciplines.

The next generation construction makes it ‘easy to clean’ and ‘easy to dry’. The modular assembly method means that a product can be ready to clean in 20 seconds!

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