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What do I need after a Hip Operation?

Friday 19th June 2020

What do I need after a hip operation?

With 10 stores around the country, and operating for over 30 years in the Medical Retail Sector, we at Homecare Medical deal with this question daily.

The time in which you are discharged from hospital in Ireland is getting shorter and recovery time after are decreasing. This does not mean that you are ready to go home to what you have been used to, it just means you can go home. At Homecare Medical, we have all you will need after an operation - specifically a hip operation.

Below are our 5 must have products for you after you come home from hospital to recover quickly and comfortably

1. Raised Toilet Seat

A raised toilet seat is a must have after a hip operation, you may think using the toilet is easy until you have an operation. This product can easily be put on and taken off the toilet when no longer needed. Our most popular size is the 4 inch toilet seat raiser as it is generally the best height for our population.

2. Grab Rails

Grab rails are one of the most important products you need after your operation. Strategically placed around the bathroom or toilet you can prevent a multitude of accidents. We find that 3 is the the optimum amount of grab rails to keep you safe. These can be various sizes and types. If you don’t like the idea of fixing grab rails to your walls you can always use suction grab rails that can be used without any screws but just be careful with the maximum user weight specified. 

3. Socks, Shoes and Laces

Again, a simple task pre – operation. But bending and lifting you leg and feet post op will be difficult to begin with.  Some simple changes to your dressing routine can keep you independent and speed up the recovery time also. Elastic shoe laces  and a simple sock aid can solve all your problems you may encounter when putting on socks and shoes.

4. High Back Chair

This is one of the most referred products by Occupational Therapists to in store customers. Homecare Medical High back chairs help in a multitude of ways. 

• They keep you posture and legs at the correct angle, speeding up recovery and keeping you comfortable.
• High arms allow you to get up out of the seat independently without assistance.
• Because our chairs come in 4 different heights you can choose the right chair for your height in store. 

5. Bathing and Showering Chairs

Showering and bathing can be difficult tasks to complete without the right equipment. As mentioned strategically placed grab rails may be enough but to be comfortable most customers request a shower or bath chair or stool. All our shower stools and chairs are height adjustable, easily stored when not in use and are used wildly throughout Irish Hospitals. All our shower chairs and stools have the same functions as our high back chairs, they allow you to safely stand unassisted and allow you to shower in comfort, knowing your recovery isn’t compromised.

Other products that may help after a hip operation are:

Walking stick.
Long handled sponge.
Easy Reacher.
Long handled shoe horn.

Visit any of our stores to see any of the above products, or alternatively you can click any of the links on this page to bring you to the relevant products on our website or in-store.

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