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Full Body Hoist

It is designed for everyday use and is lightweight. As such, this means it is easy to manoeuver and unlike overhead hoists, it doesn’t require a track or rail. Consequently, they can be used in different situations and potentially in every room of the house. 
They are even ideal to lift a person in and out of a vehicle.
This type of hoist can offer multiple types of positioning, enabling the user to be put into the optimal position.
As mobile hoists are battery-powered, the carer should always check the battery indicator and/or recharge the batteries to prevent failures in the system. 

Invacare Birdie Mobile Hoist


  Overall lenght of base   1240 mm 
  Outside width: legs closed   660 mm 
  Total product weight   42 Kg 
  Lifting range   460 - 1710 mm 
  Height of legs   100 mm 
  Inside width: legs opened   1025 mm 
  Turning diameter   1400 mm 
  Max. user weight   180 Kg 

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