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Why use the Homecare Medical rental service?

Your medical equipment is essential to your operations but it’s a significant investment, and managing ongoing maintenance can be challenging. As part of our medical equipment rental service, we manage the entire process, freeing you up to focus on:

Enhancing Patient Experiences
You now have the opportunity to expand the range of equipment your facility has on site, ensuring you are always using the best-in-class equipment, and maintaining consistency in the patient experience.

Ensuring Staff Satisfaction
With access to the highest quality equipment in the market, your staff have that extra reassurance that their patients are being cared for with the best equipment.

Simplifying Financial Planning
By renting your medical equipment, you can defer the full cost of the equipment, keeping more capital in-house. You can reduce costs by only paying for the equipment you need when you need it, and you have more control over your equipment budget. Homecare Medical in partnership.

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We have an extensive range of rental equipment

Homecare Medical offers great value rental packages from as little as €70 per week. Our customers can hire profiling beds, single motor riser recliners, dual motor riser recliners, bariatric profiling beds, full body hoists, scooters, and knee walkers and more.


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What are the benefits of using Homecare Medical rental service?

Clinically-proven equipment

We ensure all our equipment is clinically proven, safe and effective.

Access to emergency replacements

You have access to immediate replacements when you need them, with no added repair or service costs.

The highest standards of sterilisation

We treat all our rental equipment with the highest quality infection control systems - Otex ozone infection control system.

Trusted delivery partner

All equipment will be delivered on time, every time.

No minimum term requirements

You have full control over the equipment rental agreements.

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View our products that are available to rent below: 

Electric profiling beds are primarily designed to be a comfortable and ergonomic place for people to sleep, however they can also provide a safe and comfortable environment for individuals whose conditions mean they need to spend a large proportion of their time in bed. Whilst offering an improved quality of life, electric profiling beds can also provide healthcare benefits to those that use them as well as benefits for those that care for them. 

Contact Homecare Medical now, to find out more about hiring the Invacare Medley Bed. You can see the full range of beds for sale at Homecare Medical here.

Medley Ergo Profiling Bed

The Medley Ergo Profiling Bed is available to hire at Homecare Medical


  Width outside    102cm  
  Width inside    90cm
  Length outside    224cm
  Length inside    208cm
  Height adjustable    33 - 73cm / 40 - 80cm  
  Backrest angle    0 - 70°
  Thigh angle    0 - 24º
  Leg rest lift    0 - 24º  
  Weight of bed    64kg
  Safe working load    180kg (28.5 stone)  

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Riser recliners offer many advantages to standard chairs. The rising action allows you to raise your feet safely and easily, without putting too much pressure on your joints.

The reclining action allows you to get into the optimum position of comfort. This can help alleviate the pain from certain medical problems, especially if you are sat down for long periods of time, as you can easily adjust your position.

Enquire now to find out more about hiring a single motor riser recliner. You can view the full range of recliners for sale at Homecare Medical here.

Pride LC101 Riser Recliner


  Weight Capacity    23 Stone (147kg)  
  Overall Width   76 cm (30")  
  Standard Controls   Simple, Standard Controller  
  Seat Depth    51 cm (20")  
  Seat Width    51 cm (20")
  Top of back to seat    70 cm (27.5")  

*Please note the colour of the recliner might be different from the one displayed in the picture.

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Dual motor riser chairs have two motors powering different parts of the movement. One motor will control the backrest, while the other will take charge of the footrest, shown by two separate sets of buttons on your handset.


Users have the ability to recline the back of their chair, or raise their feet independently of each other. This means there are more options available for seating positions, often leading to higher comfort levels.

Contact us now to find out more about hiring our Eton Riser Recliner. You can view the full range of recliners for sale at Homecare Medical here.

Eton Riser Recliner


  Seat Height    458mm (18")  
  Seat Width    482mm (19")  
  Seat Depth    508mm (20")  
  Arm Height    185mm (7.25")  
  Back Height    736mm (29")  
  Overall Width   813mm (32")
  Overall Depth   838mm (35")  
  Max User Weight   120kg (19 stone)

*Please note the colour of the recliner might be different from the one displayed in the picture.

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This bariatric bed offers ultimate comfort with an ideal seating position by minimising shear and friction during movement, including an improved auto-regression system, optimised length of mattress platform and a leg section which can be lowered below horizontal. A carer can adjust the bed to meet individual user requirements, giving extra security and comfort.

Contact us now to find out more about hiring our bariatric profiling bed. You can view the full range of beds and accessories for sale at Homecare Medical here.

Invacare Bariatric Profiling Bed

Contact Homecare Medical today and see how you can rent this bariatric profiling bed


  Maximum bed width    1010mm (40")  
  Maximum bed length    2130mm (84")
  Minimum base height   350mm (13.75")  
  Maximum base height    820mm (32.25")  
  Minimum overall height   1600mm (63")  
  Maximum overall height    2070mm (81.5")  
  Safe working load    235kg (37 stone)  
  Maximum user weight   200kg (31.5 stone)

The Invacare Birdie hoist is lightweight and designed for everyday use. As it is lightweight, it is easy to maneuver and, unlike overhead hoists, it doesn’t require a track or rail. Consequently, they can be used in different situations and potentially in any room in the house. 

These hoists are even ideal to lift a person in and out of a vehicle and also offer multiple types of positioning, enabling the user to be placed into the optimal position. As mobile hoists are battery-powered, the carer should always check the battery indicator and/or recharge the batteries to prevent failures in the system.

Contact us now if you want to find out more about renting our Invacare Birdie mobile hoist.

Invacare Birdie Mobile Hoist
The Invacare Birdie Mobile Hoist can be assembled very quickly


  Overall length of base   1240mm 
  Outside width: legs closed   660mm 
  Total product weight   42kg 
  Lifting range   460 - 1710mm
  Height of legs   100mm 
  Inside width: legs opened   1025mm 
  Turning diameter   1400mm 
  Maximum user weight   180kg 

Homecare Medical have a number of products which are available for customers to rent and hire. We offer competitive prices on all our products. Our mobility scooters are ideal for those looking to enjoy a day out without being restricted. We offer mobility scooters for hire at Homecare Medical, so contact us today for more information or take a look at our mobility range here.

Pride Mobility Scooter (Elite)

Key Features

All new frame design easily disassembles
into 5 super lightweight pieces for convenient
transport and storage.

 A view of the mobility scooter disassembled, which is available to hire
 A view of the front of the mobility scooter which is available to hireArmrest pivots to make getting onto and off the
mobility scooter easier.
Includes three sets of easily changeable colored
panels in three exciting colors (Red, Blue).
The seat rotates for ease of access.
  • Maximum user weight: 125kg / 19.5st.
  • Maximum speed: 6km/h.
  • Overall length: 1010mm.
  • Turn radius: 1100mm.
 A view of the back of the mobility scooter which is available to hire

Homecare Medical Knee Walker available for rent

The knee walker provides a comfortable pain free alternative to crutches
and is ideal for individuals who are recovering from foot surgery, breaks,
sprains, amputations or ulcers. This innovative and stylish crutch substitute  
is easily adjusted without tools to meet your needs, allowing for increased

It has a dual frame design and is equipped with large 8 inch casters,
providing maximum control when used indoors or outdoors. The knee
walker comes standard with tool-free height adjustable dual hand brakes
ensuring optimal safety and security when in use. The extra thick leg pad
can be height adjusted and is designed to provide increased stability, 
allowing for a pain free, comfortable experience. You can hire knee walkers
at Homecare Medical, so contact us today for more information.

One of its great features is how easily the unit folds without tools, making
both travel and storage much easier.
Take a look at the mobility range available at Homecare Medical here. 

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