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AssetPal - Asset Management

Homecare Medical's bespoke asset management software AssetPal allows you easily obtain and manage all product information in one placeOur bespoke asset management software AssetPal allows you easily obtain and manage all product information in one place. With accurate real time product records and 24/7 access you can retrieve all required reports and certificates at the press of a button. AssetPal can provide a full range of product information allowing accurate expenditure from product purchase date, to its end of life. AssetPal allows our engineers to record work in real time using a mobile app which updates instantly. AssetPal enables everything from logging repairs, accessing service reports, statutory reports and repair history, obtaining asset audit trail, and much more.

AssetPal Features

  • Asset tagging: All equipment is asset tagged with barcode labels for easy identification throughout its life cycle.
  • Repair logging: Log repairs instantly and track repair history and progress.
  • Collection & Delivery Logging: Request collection & delivery of products instantly.
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance: Automatic scheduling of planned preventative maintenance to ensure products are serviced on time, reducing the risk of product failure and to extend product life and maintain product performance.
  • Asset Register: Instant access of all assets, including product name, serial number, last service date and cost history.
  • Asset Audit Trail: View individual asset information, including full history on service, repair and decontamination dates with detailed information of spare parts fitted and expenditure.
  • Service Reports: View individual service reports or download all service reports in one file. All reports are available in real time.
  • Statutory Reports: View individual Report of Thorough Examination for assets requiring statutory reports in real time.
  • Decontamination Certificates: Download all decontamination certificates for equipment decontaminated.
The overview of Homecare Medicals Asset management system where all product information is in one place

You can login into the Homecare Medical asset management system, AssetPal here.

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